Celebrates all types of food.

“It is a prime spot for work and play as the restaurants sell food at reasonable prices and play great music that is heard throughout the courtyard. Many office workers enjoy going to Savourworld for casual meetings thanks to the cozy outdoor area. Youngsters go there and make full use of the happy hour promotions with the wonderful ambience. Families love it too as there is a wide open space for children to play at.”



Unexpected Gastro-Destination.

“With 60,000 sq feet of space, Savourworld is an entertainment hub and gourmet village all in one – live music and festivals are in the pipeline. Every restaurant, bar and cafe in Savourworld is a unit on its own with ample seating, but are also clustered around an al fresco courtyard area where customers can converge and dine in open air if they choose to.”



Outlets that you won’t find anywhere else.

“Currently, the 16 tenants that have opened (up to 30 are expected) are sprawled across the ground floor of Ascent, most of them encircling a 250-seat al fresco courtyard where diners can settle down with food from any of the restaurants.

Though Savourworld is found in an unlikely location—surrounded by NUS, NUH and the offices of Science Park—it is open seven days a week, and will host DJs, bands and events such as Oktoberfest, Uncorked Wine Festival and Christmas.”



One-Stop Affordable Gourmet Food.

“Savourworld prides itself for being a one-stop for affordable gourmet food. If you’ve attended the gourmet festival Savour, this latest project is almost like having the event all-year-round, except that it’s more affordable.”



Really difficult to resist.

“Making donburis in the day, and serving yakitori and alcohol after sunset, Tokyo Joe is a great place to hang out with your friends at (especially if you love rice bowls).

If you’re up for some decent Japanese food and drinks, Tokyo Joe is a pretty great option.”



A World that Brings People Together

“Rather than the food-hall-food-station concept, each restaurant in Savourworld is contained in their own individual unit with seating to maintain their unique identities and ambience that are well-loved by their regular diners. Excellent restaurant-quality meals can be enjoyed from as low as S$10 and customers will also be delivered good, professional service from their chosen dining spot.”



New style of dining in Singapore.

“In short, this is a place to go to for lunch, after work drinks, or over the weekend when you don’t feel like dealing with traffic, or a dress code.”